Your Website is your Shop Window. Its job is to make it as easy, smooth and inviting for people to do business with you as possible. 96% of purchases of both goods and services are made after someone has visited your website more than once.

A poorly functioning website, gives your prospective customer a negative experience from the start. The likelihood of a purchase dwindles with every second a customer struggles with a poorly functioning website.

Our Standard Quarterly service includes


Keep Wordpress always up-to-date and healthy.

Wordpress Upgrade

Never let your site fall behind on the most recent and most secure version.

Automatic Backups

Always have a secure copy of your Wordpress assets in case the world ends tomorrow!

Site Health Report

Get our personalized, periodic report on your Wordpress site status and recommendations for improvements.


Keep your site secure & protected from the bad actors looking to hurt your brand image.

Malware Cleanup

Keep your site secure from hackers and security vulnerabilities.

Security Audit

Get our expert-certified security report for your Wordpress assets.

Error Fix

Our dedicated wordpress expert team is always within reach and will solve any random issue within 12 hours of being notified.


Optimize Wordpress for the fastest load-times.

Woocommerce Support

Dedicated Woocommerce specialist for your online store.

Performance Upgrade

Never let your Wordpress run slow and sluggish. We run regular checks to ensure your site runs fast and is efficient for your customers.

Site Migration

Want to move your Wordpress site? Rest easy knowing our experts will handle it with maximum care and safety.

Client story

We at Advance Hypnosis Clinics highly recommend WPCare Inc. Because we learned the hard way, we share our experience in the hope that it will be of help to you.

WPCare Inc. Specialist Altin has taken care of our Website Design and Website Maintenance since 2018. His absolute professionalism is matched by his willingness to work with us and genuinely listen to what our needs are.

Whatever Ideas we come up with, Altin comes back to us with workable suggestions and solutions. His clear no nonsense communication is very refreshing. It has made it easy for us to make the right choices for our web presence.

In the past we had employed other Web Developers / Website Maintenance Services. Frankly a lot of the times it felt more like we we’re at their mercy than anything else. How naive we were believing that if we paid premium fees we'd get premium service. With hindsight, when we first started out in business our understanding of what makes an attractive, safe, customer friendly Website was limited. We were unaware of what constitutes decent security features and regular health checks. Sadly, our former Website Maintenance Service Company did not communicate this to us and foolishly we simply trusted them.

In spite of paying very good money to a “professional” service to take care of our website we fell victim to hackers. Malware was installed on our site essentially hijacking it. This was a disaster for us. Google shut our site down and we were at risk of not only losing our content but also of being blacklisted. A very good friend of ours who is a multiple award winning Social Marketing Specialist straight away recommended Altin at WPCare Inc to us and gave us his contact details.

Altin secured our website immediately and rescued our content. He went through everything with a fine tooth comb, discovered and removed all malicious coding from our website and also removed backdoor access he discovered during this process. It had been deeply buried in the coding and was well hidden from plain sight. Without his expert help we would have been well and truly sunk, losing everything including our good reputation.

If you are shopping around for a reliable, highly skilled IT Guy to take care of your Website, we unreservedly recommend Altin from WPCare Inc. all day long. To us they have proven to deliver the best website maintenance one could hope to find. The fact that their fees are far less than what you should realistically expect to pay for the level of quality service you get, doesn't hurt either.

We recently completely revamped our wordpress website with the expert help and guidance of Altin. Feel free to visit us and check out the result.
Wish we had known about them when we first started out as we now know a custom built website would have given us even greater control, versatility and speed.

Silvia Heinrich - Advance Hypnosis Clinics

Before and after health status report

Should we discover anything that would further benefit you, we include this in our full report and issue sensible recommendations for you to make an informed decision on before changes are made.

500+ clients & counting

A quarterly website health report ensures your site is always up to date and available to serve your customers.

Get Your Site Health Report

Woocommerce automatization

Completing a purchase must be just as easy for your clients as navigating your website to bring you the best results. Goods, Services and Digital Product sales depend on great customer experience. Automating the specific features your business needs for a seamless sales flow to completion is key.

  1. Automated Check out
  2. Automated Real Time Digital Product Delivery
  3. Automatic Upsell and Cross Sale feature
  4. Automated WooCommerce reports
Supercharge Woocommerce

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14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Although we don’t think you’ll ever want one, we’ll gladly provide a full refund if it’s requested within 14 days of purchase.